Hansa C13 PTO Chipper

Acreage owners, orchardists and alike need look no further. Simply hitch this chipper to your 540 RPM PTO and you have a machine that has the same capabilities as its engine powered equivalent. Maintenance is effortless with simple access to the knives and belts. Suitable for any small tractor from 17 – 45HP.

$ 6,695.00 Rec. retail price incl GST


PTO Performance

Increase the capabilities of your tractor with the C13PTO. Suitable for all tractors with 17 to 45 HP and a 540 RPM PTO drive. A low center of gravity ensures a smooth ride when travelling over rough ground with this 191kg chipper. Supplied with a PTO shaft, hitch the unit to your tractor and reach all those hard to reach locations with ease.

High Speed Gravity Feed

The C13PTO delivers extraordinary self-feeding performance. The 36 kg cutting disc rotates at 1530 RPM creating a self perpetuating inertia. The draft created by the winged cutting disc pulls foliage into the machine fast and effectively through the 170 x 220 mm infeed opening. The outlet chute height allows the user to load chip onto a trailer, ute or stockpile.

Quality that Lasts

Engineered and manufactured in New Zealand using the highest quality components to last a lifetime. The belt drive between the engine and cutting disc allows for smooth running and protects your PTO drive against shock loading. Made of steel and finished with a durable powdercoated finish with zinc shield rust protection delivers longevity.

Service with Ease

Easy access for routine servicing and maintenance by removing two bolts on the housing. The two A8 modified steel knives have an impressive lifespan and can be sharpened up to 10 times. Access to the belts is easy by simply removing the belt guard. If advice is required our specialist service team is here to help you get the best from your Hansa.

Max Capacity 90mm
Driveshaft speed PTO 540RPM
Tractor Power 17-45HP
Inlet Chute Size 170 x 220 mm
Knife Quantity 2
Knife Size 200 x 58 x 10 mm
Knife Material A8 Modified Tool Steel
Cutting Disk Dims. 560 x 12mm
Cutting Disk Weight 36 kg
Cutting Disk Speed 1530 RPM
Self-feeding Yes
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1175 x 1035 x 1535 mm
Weight (depends on options) 179 – 191 kg
Outlet Chute Height 1450 mm
Outlet Chute Type Fixed